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HELLO nice to meet you

Hi. First of all, thank you for visiting our Lait de Coco store.

We are Feodor & Inge, devotees and collectors of unique vintage sunglasses.

We are lovers, soulmates, and share a great passion for the brand Chanel. In particular the 90s era. With the love for vintage sunglasses combined with a lot of Chanel devotionthe love baby Lait de Coco store was born.

Feodor (also known as Nino) established Sammy & Nino’s together with his best friend (Sammy) in 2011. An online store providing the highest grade of vintage sunglasses and luxury accessories from around the world. With Feodor’s creativity and knowledge plus Inge’s graphic design/fashion background, we decided to join forces and open our Chanel eyewear archive for the public.

Sammy & Nino's

& who else

Over the years we’ve patiently built an almost complete collection of vintage 90s Chanel sunglasses.
It is now time to share this Chanel archive with you. Enjoy!

Also, go visit www.sammyninos.com if you’re looking for more treasures, they not only have Chanel but a lot of other luxury brands too.

We’d also like to introduce to you our friend and fellow enthusiast: Sammy – he’s our guy for logistics, product photography, and web errors. He is also known as Laurens 🙂

And our other love baby: Yuna – fellow enthusiast and big Chanel sunglasses lover. This one is her favorite.